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  • Aluminum Wire Repairs for Tewksbury MA

  • Electrical Repairs for Tewksbury MA

At Joe O'Connell Electrical Contracting, we know that our clients in Tewksbury MA want their experience to be professional and efficient. They also require a wide selection of electrical services from us. Below are details for our Aluminum Wire Repairs and Electrical Repairs services for Tewksbury MA.


Aluminum Wire Repairs for Tewksbury MA


The United States Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that the likelihood of having an electrical related fire is 55 times higher with a house wired with aluminum wiring, than one wired with copper wire.

Joe O'Connell Electrical Contracting has the tools, training, and experience to perform Factory Certified Aluminum Wiring Corrections in Tewksbury MA.


A Brief History Of Aluminum Wiring
Between 1965 and 1972, approximately 2 million homes were constructed with aluminum wiring. The wiring that is of major concern is the single strand solid aluminum wiring, connected to the smaller branch circuits supplying receptacles, switches, lights, and appliances such as dishwashers, furnaces, etc. Corrosion of the metals in the connection, particularly the aluminum wire itself, causes increased resistance to the flow of electric current and that resistance causes overheating. Most modern homes have some aluminum wiring, including the main service wires, and the heavier 240 volt circuits that feed other major appliances, such as ranges and air conditioners. The higher voltage wiring does not present the same risk as 15, 20 and 30 amp circuit wiring.

Signs of trouble in aluminum wire circuitry include:

  • Cover plates on outlets or switches that are warm-to-the-touch.

  • Circuits that do not work, or work intermittently.

  • Flickering lights.

  • The smell of burning plastic at outlets, switches, or lighting.

  • Smoking outlets, switches, or lighting.

  • Tripping circuit breakers, for no apparent reason.

Unfortunately, not all failing aluminum wired connections provide such easily detected warning signs, as they can fail without any prior indications or problems. Contact us today if you have concerns related to aluminum wiring in Tewksbury MA


Electrical Repairs for Tewksbury MA


Whether you need to upgrade or repair your electrical system in Tewksbury MA, you can count on us to provide the expertise. Our electricians Tewksbury MA are licensed and highly qualified to perform all electrical work safely and efficiently. We hold our customer service up to the standard of our workmanship.  We can handle any size electrical repair job, including residential, commercial and industrial service and construction - there's almost no electrical problem or job that we haven't encountered. If you need an electrical contractor in Tewksbury MA that can reliably handle all your electrical repair needs, our relevant experience makes us the logical choice.

With our free estimates, appointments that fit your needs, fast and friendly service and competitive rates for Tewksbury MA, you'll never have to call another electrical contractor again.




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